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About us


Who are we?

Nuts Building Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electric towel warmer under the NUTS brand.

We specialized in the design, production and sales of electric towel warmers.

We only provide customers with the best products. Nuts sells well-designed and high-quality products at reasonable prices. The most important thing for us is comprehensive customer service.

Easy cooperation

-We have more than 10 years of professional export and logistics experience; 

Convenient to purchase

-We provide you with a carefully selected quality products;

Flexible terms

 - You can load up to 10 different categories of products in one container;


-We provide you with a 2-year unlimited warranty.

High quality

-We provide you with high-quality marketing materials.


Why Nuts

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Product presentation
PDF Catalog
Packaging Materials

For the products you buy from us, we can provide you with photos fit to your requirements: different angles and different backgrounds according to your website or catalogue requirements. 

We provide designed electronic catalogs of our products or we can print catalogs for you in China. The catalog can be shipped to you with the order. Save you money, energy and time.

No longer need to spend money on an outsourcing design company, we can design the packaging carton and the design and printing of the manual for you according to your requirements, and can ship it to you with the order.

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Affordable luxury

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in export. We are familiar with market standards and meet customer requirements. We are your best partner in China. Customer satisfaction is our major pursuit.

There are approximately 120 loyal and experienced employees in our company. In-house engineers, design, cast, production, assemble and quality control. Production is always under our own control and delivery is always on time.

Nuts was created to seek the best balance between quality, design and price. Nuts' goal is to provide good products with good functions and affordable prices for every customer.

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Our advantage

Low MOQ (one pallet), direct delivery from China, door-to-door service, across large foreign wholesalers, high price-performance ratio, quality assurance, after-sales guarantee, delivery inspection report, some products have Clear inventory, etc.

Nuts is derived from the best components in the world, and all products are subject to 10 times quality control before shipment. Before loading, we ensure that the packaging is complete and provide an inspection report to the customer.

Our team is committed to developing product series that are innovative in form and function. The latest lead-free brass, spot-resistant surface treatment, magnetic docking, quick connection and click button technology.

Our quality

We carefully evaluate and select our suppliers and apply the same strict standards to any of our suppliers. Only components that meet our high-quality standards have the opportunity to become part of Nuts products. All products go through 10 level quality control before leaving the factory. The inspection report is also provided to customers before shipment.






Tel: +86 757 88580858


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